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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera.


Lewis Hine


"Once Upon a time", like all good stories begin, a couple of guys were chatting about how we wanted to see the world. We loved our jobs and wanted to explore new ways of bringing our propensity for being purveyors of a good kiwi yarn to the world.
It didn't take long before we were up and running pursuing our dream of creating visual, digital, television, film and content that innovates, challenges and inspires. We have grown out of a small office in Newton, Auckland into a production and development team with an international reach that now boasts a growing core team of talented professionals dedicated to ours and your story.


Mt Barker Entertainment is primarily focused on entertainment properties and developing new ways of telling stories. From cinema to VR. 

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We'll be straight up. We are ideas people. We do this because it's natural and a core part of our DNA, as a result we have a massive body of ideas and work ready to team up with the right partners. The kinds of ideas we are thinking of don't just happen overnight. Many of our concepts are developed through a unique access and angle.


If you need a new approach to making sure people are watching what you are doing, let us know and we’ll present you a raft of exciting opportunities providing a complete overview of the benefits and risks along with a bespoke plan to implement the project into your space, wherever that is. It's our development team’s job to ensure that a project is going to work and that you'll keep your fantastic smile on your dial. 
Our development team works across digital, drama, comedy, factual and documentary content so wherever we land it's our job to figure out the nuts and bolts that make it work for you and your target audience. 


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We love working with great people. Over the years we have built a strong, skilled, chilled and professional bunch of talented practitioners. Our team have worked on projects ranging from large cinematic releases and television shows, to filming events and television commercials, to quick turnaround digital productions. We love working with companies, agencies, charities, other production companies... actually we work with anyone and everyone - from clients and producers to editors, actors and everyone in between. Whatever you need, gives us a call and let's talk it through.

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Over the past 7 years Mt Barker Entertainment has been privileged to have built a skilled team of creators, writers, directors, producers, technical practitioners, digital content experts and designers. We are a people company and our philosophy is team based and outcome focused. You'll love working with us, because we love what we do.

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